Frequently Asked Questions about Cafe Iguana Pines (#FAQs)

Thank you for your interest in our entertainment megaplex. We want you to have the best experience when you visit us.  Here are some FAQs about Cafe Iguana Pines:
  • WHAT IS REQUIRED TO ENTER VENUE? Cafe Iguana Pines requires valid ID in the form of Passport or a registered Drivers License (written in English Only). Guests must  be 21+ unless otherwise advertised by venue. CURRENTLY 18+ ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHTS ONLY.
  • HOW MUCH ARE BOTTLES? Bottle service is available nightly.  A Cafe Iguana Pines VIP Marketing Coordinator is able to review specific pricing requests.   Please call 954.433.8787 or text 954.668.4233 for more details.
  • HOW CAN I GET PRIORITY ENTRY INTO VENUE? Only if you reserved a VIP table before event. Please call 954.433.8787 for more details. 
  •  HOW CAN I GET IN VIP? Cafe Iguana Pines offers various choices in newly renovated VIP tables/sections coupled with VIP treatment.  VIP Table service pricing varies nightly and your VIP Marketing Coordinator can recommend the best experience for you.  Table Service can be requested by calling 954.433.8787 or texting 954.668.4233.
  • HOW CAN I CONFIRM A RESERVATION? Please note that in order to confirm a table reservation, you will need to have fully prepaid for the reservation with the venue. Complimentary reservations for Friday Happy Hour & Beyond Brunch Sundays weekly
  • IS THERE A GUESTLIST FOR FREE ENTRY? We currently have free entry guest lists for Tuesday, Friday (Ladies Night), and Saturday nights. To RSVP and for details, please text 305.336.5514
  • HOW CAN I FIND INFORMATION ON UPCOMING EVENTS? All upcoming events are located online at and our social media.
  • AM I ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES AND RECORD VIDEO AT CAFE IGUANA PINES? On your phone, of course! We do, however, operate a no tolerance policy to people that use images from the club for professional use unless granted permission by management. Any inquiries regarding professional recordings should be emailed to at least 24hours before  you wish you to visit our venue. 
  • WHAT DO I DO IF I LOST AN ITEM AT THE VENUE? Please call us at 954.433.8787 or email with contact information and details on lost item. Please be mindful of the fact that we do operate on nightlife hours and that only management have access to lost and found items.
  • WHAT IS THE DRESSCODE? Dress code differs on different nights but we do suggest that you dress to impress. Please call 954.433.8787 or text 305.336.5514 for details.
  • WHAT TIME DOES THE VENUE CLOSE? Our door closes at 4 am on nights of operation.

Cafe Iguana Pines guarantees that all tickets purchased directly from Cafe Iguana Pines. We do not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from another source unless they are an approved ticketing vendor by Cafe Iguana Pines.

Management reserves all rights to control entrance into the venue including pre-purchased ticket holders.  Management may refuse entry to any ticket holder as they see fit including, but not limited to, Dress Code violations, intoxicated patrons, unruly patrons, and patrons with illegal substances or carrying out illegal acts.  For seamless entry, please plan accordingly. 

*** Have suggestions on any FAQs we should add? Leave a comment!